TOP 7 Tips to Manage your SEO Campaign on Budget!

SEO is something which is very powerful for all types of online business. Everyone wants to make sure that their business shows on Top page of Google by Hiring the Best SEO Company or an Agency but when these agency come up with plan of action and quote to run a campaign most of the business owner hesitate to go ahead with it. I know it is not that easy to spend lot of money for SEO but you know the benefits.

Still big agencies or firms would like to go ahead with minimum plan or package just to try how it goes. Let me be honest with you, SEO is not a month or 2 months work. SEO is long term activity which gives Sweet Fruits after some time but those fruits will give you juice for long term.

Ok, I forgot to tell you that today we are going to discuss about the problems most of the business faces which is Budget.

I am going to share some inside tips to manage you SEO Campaign on Limited budget. Now, I’m not sure what that limited budget would be? Cause that is based on individuals own business plan.

Honestly, I would like to say that SEO is not a Magical tool. It needs proper planning, strategies and execution and these activities as vary per campaign. I know many bootstrapping start-ups who have tight budget still wants to go ahead and take a chance with SEO and some of them might get success as well. SEO budget is one of the common topics or say issues for all type of companies but do not worry, we can still manage and start. Let’s check out how?

7 Tips to maintain your SEO Campaign on Budget!

1. Market Research

Market Research

Do some proper Market research according to your business or industry. This is very first and most important point of this TOPIC. Any business who wants set their mark in the marker needs a proper research or analysis based on the industry or the business.  Get ready with complete plan of action for business.

2. Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Most of the Professional SEO Company in India or global will suggest you to help with Keyword Research because this is very important part. We are targeting audience based on the keywords. So those keywords must be our audience oriented. Do not go for 100+ keywords. Try with 10 first. Slowly Slowly you can add more keywords and climb the ladder. 

Keywords should be mix or competition and difficulties. Try with long tail keywords which has low searches but they will be easy to rank. Also these low competition keywords will help other High Competitive and difficult keywords by working as a Bridge. General keywords are very hard to rank so try not to choose them if you have any doubt about it than I highly recommend you, consult Qualifies SEO Consultants or Best Local SEO Company who can guide you.

3. Website Structure

Website Structure

Many of us might get confused when someone use word like Website Structure. Trust me, there is nothing to worry. I will explain for you. Website Structure means how the website has been build up. It has to be easy for Google Crawler to go through all the pages easily so that whole website can easily get indexed and you get most out of it. You should have Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt which work as a helper for Google crawler.

4. On-page Optimization


On-page optimization is very important part for SEO Campaign. Let’s make this simple and clear. If you want to sell something you must have a stock of that product, Right? Same way if you want to rank high on Specific keyword your website should be optimized properly on that keyword.


Now, How to optimize? You should optimize your Content, URL Structure, Images & videos, Meta title, Description, Tags, In-bound Links, Out-bound Links and Page structures. Need Help? Consult Professional SEO Company in Ahmedabad or India who knows proper on-page optimization and you can ask them for support. They will charge onetime and serve you complete On-page.

5. Write Content for Other!

Make sure your website information is not only about you and your company and business, but it should give some sort of value to reader or audience who read them. I, ME & MYSELF do not work here. You should focus on how your product or services can be useful or benefits others. Why they choose you? What is different? Give value rather than showcasing features. 

Explain your audience if they try your services or Products, how long you be with them? How to support them in their need even after sale? Etc. Make sure the information you share on website has to be 100% correct. Like your Email, Contact Number, Contact Person, Address, Zip code etc. They all have to be same on all the directories or say all the social media pages you create which build a Trust flow and citation for your business.

6. Blog Regularly

Blogging Regularly

Most of the people do not add or write blogs or content on their own website. I think they are making big mistakes. This is very powerful tool to stay connected with your audience. You should update your clients on regular base so that you stay in their mind regularly. If you think that my website has everything about you and visitors will come and contact you than you are wrong. You should create a bond with your audience. If you personally cannot write than hire qualifies SEO writer from iWriter, Upwork or Fiverr and they will help you out.

7. Hire Best SEO Company

Best SEO Company

Above all tips you can manage yourself and get some good results but slowly. If your business profit is say like 20% than you can spend 5% of your profit on SEO which is the best deal. I know you might think that we are discussing here about manage SEO in Budget and yes, I am explaining same. As I mentioned before you can try with 2-3 keywords and I am sure, reputed SEO Experts or Company will understand your needs and serve you in your budget.

Once you start making money from those keywords than adjust your SEO Budget. Most of my clients start with 5 keywords and I suggest them same. Let’s wait and see the results than we add more keywords.

More Keywords On TOP Page means More Business and More Profit!


As mentioned before, SEO is not a Dream. It cannot show you result overnight. You need to be easy-going because SEO needs continuous activities, strategies and planning. This process is same for all types of clients even though you have a big budget, you still have to be patient and wait for hard works to pay back.  I have a request to all of you.

Do not lose your tolerance and hire any Black HAT SEO company or techniques which might Rank you high on Google for First page but it will not stay there for a week or two and once Google find out, it will bury your website in hell. You have no other option than create whole website again with new Domain and that means you start from ZERO again. Go for only White hat SEO Services.